Trip Report 12-14 August 2011

Still at Tioman after my SDI Junior Open Water Divers had left, I waited for Judi and Mike to arrive on the ferry around 1pm to start their PADI Open Water Course.











On Friday afternoon with the theory all completed, we headed out for the first dive of the course.  We walked along Salang beach and entered the water past the jetty, wadded out, put on our fins and off we went.  The nice sandy open space amongst the scattered coral makes completing all the skills much easier.

We did dive two under the jetty and the wall of fish are still there, the school of barracuda seemed to have grown in size.

On Saturday we headed out for two boats dives, the first at Chebeh and the second at Fan Canyon.

Chebeh was awesome with so much fish life and abundant soft and hard coral.  But the highlight was the hawksbills turtle that was munching away on some coral and was not one bit concerned about all the divers.  We watched the turtle for 10 minutes and then continued our dive locating a small scorpion fish just before completing the safety stop.

Back to Salang beach Judi and Mike completed the exam and then we had a few celebratory beers.

Congratulations to Judi and Mike for becoming the latest PADI Open Water Divers.