Trip Report 30 Sept – 2 October

Ovi, Tobas, Goh and I headed to Seven Skies wreck Friday night onboard the MV White Manta, the seas were calm and not a cloud in the sky.

We arrived at Seven Skies early morning and our first dive was a 7am.  Ovi and Tobias had planned to enter the wreck and have a look around the engine room.  My student, Goh and I enjoyed the 30-40m viz and an abundant fish life around Seven Skies Wreck.

We did two fantastic dives at Seven Skies Wreck, but no Whale Sharks or Mantas were sighted, but for sure they will be there in a week of so.


After Seven Skies we dived Katoka Rock, which has not improved much since I last dived it.  The last dive of the day was at 5pm at Malangbiru and it was awesome, there is so much colour to the reef and we were followed by a school of jacks for most of the dive.




Sunday morning saw us at tied to the Maritime Fidelity Wreck, which is one of my favorite wrecks, but because of it’s close proximity to Singapore it can be a challenging dive with bad viz.

But Today was the exception, the viz was 10m and there was no current.  The first dive we looked around the stern section enjoying all the schools of fish, barracuda, jack and tuna.


The second dive we went inside the starboard side entrance way and all the storage rooms on either side.  These rooms contain all sort of random goodies, from light bulbs, hammers and power tools.

In one room we disturbed a large grouper and he shot off like a rocket stiring up the silt, so we moved on to another room.

It was a great weekend and congrats to Goh for passing TDI Intro to Tech.  We have another Tech Diver in the making :)