Trip Report 7-9 October

Seven Skies bound with high hopes to see something big and we were not disappointed.

Paul, Suzanne, Yvonne, Joel, Elena and my Tech Student Nas and I joined the DiveRace for a weekend of wreck diving and some reef diving too :)

We cleared immigration at Nongsa and headed straight for Seven Skies, we arrived around 9am and Nas and I were the first ones in the water, with skills completed for that dive we had a good look around the wreck.  Seven Skies was covered in Barracuda, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and Tuna which is always cool to sit back and watch the action.

The second dive produced a Manta Ray for Paul and Suzanne whilst at their 6m deco stop, the Manta swam past them and disappeared into the distance.

The next dive that day was at Damar Pinnacle and the viz was as awesome as Seven Skies, at least 40 plus meters.  Nas and I were followed during the entire dive by a school of mixed fish, Big Eye Trevally, Rainbow Runners and Yellow Tail Trevally.

Sunday morning we dived the Igara wreck twice, this was the first time for Nas, so I showed him around the rope room and all the other easy fun penetration places, I even found a new place to go exploring next time I dive Igara.  No sight of the Nurse Sharks this trip.

Congrats to Nas for becoming the latest GS-DIVING Tech Diver and passing TDI Intro to Tech and TDI Advanced Nitrox.

Thanks to Paul and Nas for the use of your photos.