Trip Report 7 November

I was lucky enough to join a local dive club exploring a local island off Singapore called Pulau Hantu on Monday (Hari Raya Haji Public Holiday).  Sixteen divers departed from The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, at 8am with clear blue skys.





We first dived around the Hantu Wreck and the outer reef.  The viz was equal to a trip I did two Christmas’s ago, with an amazing 6-8 metres.  Yes, there was a green tinge to the water, but you could easily see your buddy and the marine life.  There were too many things to name, but I loved the unicorn fish, butterfly fish, squirts, nudibranches, big file fish and spotted sweet lips at the wreck (they were the same kind that hang out in parts of the greensish waters of Riau, Indonesia).


Our second dive was at the jetty and the seahorses are alive and well.  Even the crabs seem to have been on steriods since the last time I saw them.






I was my buddy’s “spotter and strobe”.  I must confess that I left my o-ring for my underwater housing at home, so I was only able to take land based photos for this trip, except for one that is.  During the jetty dive, Brian passed me his camera (the subjects had moved and I waiting at a better spot as they swam towards me) and with some quick flicks of the buttons and adjustments to the settings, I took this seahorse photo.  He uses a Cannon S95 with Ikelite Housing (and borrowed my double macro lenses for this dive).  Thanks Brian!


With the monsoon afternoon clouds and wind brewing like they do at this time of year, we headed back home.  It was a beautiful morning then I proceeded to work.  And the kids were just as excited as me, as I told them about my fantastic morning diving.  Cheers – Karen