Trip Report 17 & 18 December

It was an overcast day when all 12 divers headed to Hantu (a local island, just off the coast of Singapore) Saturday morning.  We had 2 PADI Open Water students and 10 leisure divers.


The dives on Saturday were not so hot because the viz was about one metre and the current was strong.  The students managed to complete all the skills and follow the rope along the reef.  I sighted a couple of crabs and bat fish, my students only saw my fins.  Mark was hoping I would forget the BCD removal and replacement skill as he did not enjoy doing that in the pool.  Ha!



The 10 leisure divers all returned with smiles and laughter mostly about the viz and losing each other.


Sunday morning was much better with no current and better viz of up to 4 metres.  Both Heather and Mark completed their PADI Open Water Course and David is well on his way to becoming a PADI Dive Master after guiding the 4 leisure divers on Sunday.  Carsten and Robin saw the resident Turtle resting under a rock.


This weekend was the busiest I have seen Hantu.  There must have been over 100 divers  over the weekend.  Who says Hantu is not a great dive site?