Trip Report 5 February


I checked the tide tables Friday night and could see that it should be a good morning at Hantu (a local island off Singapore), the next day.  Well, that is if you believe what is in “the book” anyway.  “The book” said it would be right at the top of the tide when we were due to dive at 7.50am.  A good slack tide.


As luck has it, “the book” was right and the viz was I N C R E D I B L E, well 4-6 metres is incredible for Hantu – with no current at all.  I was the first one in the water with my group of 3 leisure divers, Sara, Judith and a ring in from another shop Sophie.  Glenn (my Dive Master for the morning) was guiding Brett, Zana and Eugene.  Zaki, Jeff, Dave, Kay and Chris dived in their own buddy teams.


Kay and Chris had enough excitement during the first dive and skipped the second.  Or really, they didn’t want to spoil their memories of the first dive.


This was the first time for me in many months that I did not have any students and I was very happy to guide the three gals, who were all fantastic divers.  I could hear their excited gasps of “Oh!”, “Wow!” and “Did you see that?” when I point out all the critters.


Over the two dives we saw a bluespotted ray hiding in a tyre, at least 20 flat worms including two as big as your hand and 10 nudis (3 different species were seen).  Judith spotted a tiny cuttle fish which was the highlight.  Sorry, that there are not any photos in this trip report as in our group of 12, no-one had an underwater camera.  Strange but true!


Also, in the rush to get back on the 11am shuttle and with all the chatter about what we saw, I forgot to take the group photo. Doh!