Trip Report 15th and 16th December 2012

We had planned for 2 dives at Sisters wreck both mornings, but due to the weather and currents we only managed one on Saturday.  We had rain, wind and strong currents and bad viz, so not the best weekend diving.



Group Photo Saturday - on the dock



Saturday there were 20 divers on the Seaborne and we headed to Sisters wreck.





Our first dive site - Pulau Tekukor or Turtle Dove Island



But once we saw the conditions we decided it was to dangerous to dive we went and dived a nearby island.






Black and white nudibranch


The viz was down a lot from the previous weekend and was at best 1 metre.






Flat worm


However, we did see a turtle and a sea snake and loads of colorful nudis.






Harp Coral

The second dive was at Sisters wreck, we had a small window at slack tide to dive the wreck.

It was a bit dark and gloomy due to the overcast clouds and rain.

But everyone enjoyed diving a new wreck and came up smiling.




Sunday we had 16 divers on the Seaborne and again headed to Sisters wreck, only too well knowing that we will most likely have to dive the reef again. We took two group photos as it was too wet to stand together at the jetty.

Sunday group photo in saloon and upstairs


The current & tide were not co-operating for Sisters Wreck today


There was less rain and wind on Sunday, but the viz was worse again.

We could not dive Sister wreck, again just too unsafe. From the photo you can see the current ripping over the dive site.





Feather Star


We did one dive at the same nearby Island and I saw a seahorse, cuttlefish, a huge crab on a sea fan and some weird looking nudis.

Everyone enjoyed the dive regardless of the viz.




Sponge Coral


The next dive was at St John’s and the viz was the worse I have every seen, most people opted not to dive after 5-15 minutes.

Some endured the conditions and continued diving for 25-45 minutes.




Baby Leather Jacket



Those that did dive saw a few bits and pieces but not much.






Birthday girl

Priscilla celebrated her birthday in less than ideal conditions.

But of course, had fun despite the crap viz.







Fun in the water before the rain came


Clear blue sky was around after the first dive, before the heavy downpour began. The monsoon season is definitely here!


Remember a bad days diving is better than a good day in the office.




Just to let you know that GS-Diving will be closed from the 24th December until 2nd January 2013.  We will be heading to Sydney to catch up with the family.  The next local dive trips commence on the 12th January 2013.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gary and Karen

Underwater photos by Karen, taken on the Sunday trip