Trip Report 12th January 2013

Diving Singapore waters was not at its best today. It was a full boat with Dive Master Glenn, Dive Master Trainees Francious and Elodie and recreational divers David, Sam, Brett, Jana, Jill, Alex, Kenneth, Laura, Patrick, Jeff, Su, David, Stephen and Alex.


Viz was at best 20-30cm. Even Glenn commented that perhaps there was 1 too many zeros after my estimated viz. I decided it was too dangerous to dive the wreck and didn’t tie off. Sisters wreck was a black hole, so dark you could only feel the wreck. Luckily I didn’t hit it with my head trying to find it! So we did two dives at a nearby reef.


As seen in David’s green water YouTube video below, well, there wasn’t much to see. Even identifying coral was difficult. I didn’t see any fish life. I guess they were there somewhere. It was a good day for buddy diving.



Congratulations to Su for completing her 100th dive.

As David commented – “Ahhh, we’ve reached the dive site. Strong currents, zero viz, good friends. I love the smell of diesel in the morning!”

Or as Jill put it – “Still very interesting and good to sharpen the skills! I can honestly say I’m glad I woke up for it!!”

Thanks David for your the use of your video.