Trip Report 2 and 3 February 2013

Happy Divers

Another great two morning’s of diving at Hantu (a local island off Singapore) with viz of up to 8 metres.


We headed out on both Saturday and Sunday morning from the Republic Of Singapore Yacht on the Dolphin Explorer.




Onboard we had 5 PADI Open Water Students, Vivian, Aanya, Petter, Krista and Jeremy on both mornings.  Saturday Jeff and Su joined as leisure divers and Brent join on Sunday as a leisure diver.


Bent and DMT Piere

Phil and I split up the students and I looked after Viviane and Aanya, whilst Phil took Petter, Krista and Jeremy.  I also had Piere onboard who is my lastest Dive Master Trainee (DMT).


He helped me on Saturday with my students and then dived with Brent on Sunday.



We did two dives at the small reef near Hantu and my group saw a turtle within 5 minutes of the first dive.  The girls were struggling a bit with buoyancy and ended the dive with some scratched legs.  The second dive was much better and they kept off the bottom. Phil’s group had no such problems and were excellent divers from dive one.


Jeff and Su dived together and enjoyed the great viz at Hantu and reported some excellent sightings of nudi’s, cuttlefish and loads of fish.


Sunday we dived “Anchor Rock” and the “Small Bum Boat Wreck”.  By now my two students had improved a lot and were enjoying the fish life at both dive sites.


Petter - Krista & Jeremy - Congratulations


Phil was showing off by navigating from the wreck to the reef and back to the wreck again.

He did let me in on his little navigation secret, which I shall be using in the future.




Viviane & Aanya - Congratulations


The wreck was good to dive for about 15 minutes (our attention span had dwindled by then), then we headed north east to the reef and finished the dive there.


The Dolphin Explorer kindly picked us up and this made for a very relaxing dive.  A great weekend diving in good viz by Hantu standards.


Yes, I know that 5 metres is considered by some as inferior, but why complain when you can go scuba diving, see a turtle and pass a course. I can’t wait to show everyone “real viz”. If you can dive Hantu, you can dive in any conditions.


Congratulations to Vivian, Aanya, Petter, Krista and Jeremy for completing your PADI Open Water Courses. We look forward to diving with you again soon.