Trip Report 2 and 3 November 2013

Cuttlefish up close and personalThe Singapore Hantu season started with a bang! Great viz with no current and lots to see.


We did 4 trips over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, morning and afternoon. A total of 8 dives.




Saturday afternoonWell I did 6 and had a nap Saturday afternoon.

The Saturday afternoon trip was a fun trip for all the GS-Diving crew who had worked for me during the South China Sea season. Thanks guys!





Saturday MorningOver the weekend I certified Paul and Goutham as PADI Open Water Divers. John completed two of the required 4 dives and will be back later to finish the course during another of his free weekends.






Pillar of the jettyGoutham completed his pool session a while back, but was unable to float for 10 minutes. I told him he could not complete the PADI Open Water Diver Course that following weekend to Tioman.

He took the news rather well and he spent the next 2 weeks practicing at the pool at Outram Secondary School .

He told me he had even managed to float for 15 minutes without a problem.  We met at the pool last week and he showed me that he could float for 10 minutes.

Goutham did a great job on the weekend. His confidence in the water had improved dramatically and I could see he was happy to complete the course.



Hiding fishPaul was also happy to complete the course. He had been struggling a bit with buoyancy, but finally got it sorted during the 4th dive.  John was very good from the first pool session and will not have an issue completing the course later.




Sunday AfternoonRichard completed his guiding portion as a Dive Master Trainee. He just needs to complete his exam. After that I will certify him as the latest GS-Diving Dive Master.





Coral fish at HantuOver the weekend we had great viz up to 8 metres. The tides were in our favour and the current was virtually non existent.  Both mornings we dived the small Hantu wreck and the inner reef and for both afternoons we dived the jetty and the reef behind the jetty.




Nudi on the moveSightings included – turtles, seahorses, cuttlefish, horse shoe crabs, flat worms, 100’s of nudi’s, clown fish, coral fish and loads of pomfrits.





Sunday Morning It was a great weekend and Richard even managed to cut up a whole watermelon all by himself. Well done Richard, with your newly acquired life skill!


Glenda’s tip – Knives are sharp and must be handled with care.


New Sidemount DiversAlso congratulations to Gary Savins and Richard for completing your SDI Sidemount Diver Course with Instructor James Costello on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Karen Savins for the use of your underwater photos (also taken on the Sunday afternoon trip).

Cheers, Gary