Trip Report 23 and 24 November 2013

Calm waters of HantuAnother 8 awesome dives completed at and around the World Famous Pulau Hantu, Singapore.

This weekend was up there with the best diving and sightings all month.

We even managed to dive the Larger Wooden Wreck.

This wreck can only be dived in perfect conditions due to its location and depth.



I have dived this wreck a couple of times and was glad to dive it again.  The fish life is excellent, more fish than anywhere else at Hantu. The visibility was good at 3-4 metres on the wreck at a depth of 20-22 metres, a little better on top at 14-15 metres.

Over the weekend we also dived the Small Wreck, Anchor Rock, now renamed Chain Rock, because the anchor has gone.  We dived The Jetty and The Outer Reef as well.

By far the best dive was the last dive of the weekend on Sunday afternoon at The Jetty. We had The Jetty to ourselves and there was no current and good viz to 5 metres or so. We saw cuttlefish, nudies, pipe fish and seahorses, grey ones, yellow ones and striped ones.

Photos by PK Visual at Hantu


Chain Rock was also a great dive. This is a small site with some large rocks and smaller ones on the outer edge. The best part is that it has a sandy bottom (not silt), so the viz is always good and the white sand is a nice change.  This site is only 30 metres from the small wreck and is also loaded with fish life.


New GS-Diving PADI Open Water Divers from Hantu







On Saturday GS-Diving PADI Instructor Phil and I certified 17 PADI Open Water Divers. A busy day of diving and paperwork. Well done to all who are now SCUBA divers!

Congratulations to Akshaj, Alana, Florian, Sean, Yo Hoon, Ananya, Horatio, Edward, Katya, Nadya, Kaixuan, Yuta, Li-Sheng, Kassandra, Nikhita, Tushar and Niveditha.


Sunday morning Recreational DiversOn Sunday, I was supposed to conduct PADI Advanced Open Water with Grace, but once we got in the water, I noticed her lack of dives skills so I decided to put the course on hold and did 4 leisure dives with her, all the way trying to improve her diving skills.




Sunday afternoon divers at HantuWe are going back to the pool this week to re-teach her open water skills.

Once she has mastered this and buoyancy (she had no buoyancy control on the weekend) we will do more dives before starting the course.




Glenda’s Tip: Don’t be embarrassed to tell your Instructor if you haven’t dived for a while. It is safer to do a pool session before diving in the ocean. Remember, practice makes perfect.


Cheers, Gary Savins

Thanks to Paulo Koelle from PK Visual for the use of your underwater photos. Additional underwater photos from the trip can be found here – PK Visual FaceBook Page