Trip Report 26th January 2014

We only dived Sunday this weekend because I had to do a PADI Discovery SCUBA session with a bunch of French water enthusiasts on Saturday.  GS-Diving PADI Divemasters Francois and Eliode (both French) where also in the pool to help.

It was a fun pool session with all 8 people but it was very cold in the pool.

frenchWe did two great dives at Hantu on Sunday.  The visibility had improved and was up to 5 metres during the second dive.

Rachel and Michael were diving together and they took some really nice shots of some nudi’s.  Rachel told me she had not seen the yellow one before.


nudi 3nudi 1

nudi 7

nudi 6

nudi 4










I was guiding a group of 5 friends (all Dutch) and Ovi (Romanian). Well, that was the plan. Ovi and Jerome decided to lose each other on the first dive and the two father and son teams dived as separate buddy teams.  I ended up diving with Jerome and Ovi who followed the 4 other guys.

The current was mild on the first dive and it was nice to be pushed along the reef spotting all the nudi’s and crabs.  We drifted a long way along the long reef and ascended near the boat. Perfect.

For the second dive, we decided to dive the back end of Hantu. There was no current!  I was in the water with all of the divers and we all descended with the intent to follow me, but the 3 buddy pairs decided to disappear and dive by themselves for 45 minutes.  I had a quick look around and got out after 10 minutes, dried off and relaxed.  Everyone said they saw a lot of sea life including a turtle.

The water temperature was only 25 degrees and for us, that is very cold. It is normally 28 degrees.  So coffee and sitting in the sun after each dive was the only way to warm up.


the dutch

good viz





Cheers, Gary Savins

Thanks for the use of your photos Rachel Ang