Trip Report 8 and 9 February 2014

A great weekend at Hantu (Singapore local diving, departing from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club at West Coast Ferry Road) with excellent viz. We saw a lot of cool stuff including a sea snake on our safety stop during the last dive on Sunday.

Saturday Group Photo Feb 2014

The viz was so nice and there was no current that on Sunday, GS-Diving Dive Master Georgie completed a 65 minute dive with all of her customers finishing with 100 bar in their tanks. Luckily we were not in a rush to get back to the jetty.

Whilst on Saturday diving customers saw the local resident turtle, cuttlefish and loads of sea fans.

This weekend two brothers completed their PADI Open Water Diver Course with me. It was pleasing to see them smile during all the dives.  Well done Ang, Kai Chin and Ang, Kai Siang.

Student 2 Student 1

GS-Diving Instructor Phil completed 2 of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course dives with Lisa.  Lisa will finish the rest, next weekend.  Phil also completed 2 dives with Lucy for her PADI Open Water Diver Course, she will complete the rest next week.

My two students were pretty good divers right from the beginning and I managed to get them through all the skills quickly and we had a couple of fun dives as well.  I was busy pointing out nudi’s of various colours, razor fish, crabs and varies other underwater marine life to the boys. All they could do was smile!

Ovi and Christian joined again. These guys are diving almost as much as me.


Clare and MarkMeanwhile, Claire and Mark dived Hantu for the first time after staying in Singapore for 6 years.  Mark was wearing shorts and a rash guard.

We only told him about the water temperature just as he was about to jump in.  He said is 28 right……nope it’s more like 24… oh. Turned out to be a bit warmer than previous weekends, at around 25-26 degrees celsius. Luckily Mark was more than happy with the temperature!




Cheers, Gary.

PS – I will endeavor to take more group photos for the next trips. Sorry but I forgot to get a Sunday group photo. I blame PADI Instructor Phil, as he didn’t remind me, like he did on Saturday.