Trip Report 22nd February 2014

We only dived Saturday morning this weekend and it turned out to be some of the best diving at Hantu, Singapore’s local diving mecca, since November 2013.

No other boats were around, which meant we had at least 6-7 metres viz during the second dive under the jetty.

As I was leaving home, Karen said, “Take your camera.” I replied, “No need, we have loads of photos of Hantu.”¬† Well, in hindsight, I should have taken it.

There were so many fish at the jetty, pomfrits schooling in the 100’s, a large puffer fish and a huge lazy hawksbill turtle. He was just sitting there and did not move for a good few minutes, then slowly swam away. ¬†Where’s the camera when you need it?

I wasn’t teaching this weekend. It was a quiet day with only 5 recreational divers making it very nice and relaxing trip. Ovi, Scott, Mabel, Kelvin and Ashley all had a great time in great viz.

Cheers – Gary