Trip Report 7 and 8 March | Hantu

While I was away diving at Sibu, Malaysia I had two trips to Hantu, a local island off Singapore, over the same weekend.

On Saturday, GS-Diving PADI Divemasters George and Joel looked after a total of 8 divers and they report back great viz with good sightings.

Feedback from one diver –┬áHi thanks! I had a great time today. Hope to dive with GS diving again!

One group saw nothing unusual other than a creature about 5 inches long and apparently it looked like a giant nudi, (brownish in colour). Perhaps you may know what it was. I think it was most likely a flat worm.

Apart from that, they saw lots if nudis, a box fish, a small file fish and the usual marine life.

The tide was too low to dive on the reef so dive 1 was close to the jetty on the south side of Hantu Kechil. The 2nd dive was a little further east of that point close to the entry to the beach.

The viz was actually quiet good for Singapore (at about 5 metres) and the groups seemed to enjoy the dives.

On Sunday, GS-Diving PADI Instructor Liam and PADI Divemaster Laura looked after 5 divers and they also reported good viz and a fun day’s diving.

Cheers, Gary