Trip Report 21-23 March 2014

Another weekend not diving, due to an ear infection. Fortunately it cleared over the weekend and things are looking up for me. I can start diving soon.

This weekend I chartered The Ark, a Live Onboard Boat (LOB) and travelled to Tioman, Malaysia.  We departed from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Friday night and returned Sunday night. We were quite lucky on Sunday, as once we went around the corner from Lima Channel, the current pushed us swiftly back to the ferry terminal. We arrived home earlier than expected; a nice surprise indeed.

The trip was mostly full of school kids from an International school, a teacher, a parent and a couple. The couple, Georg and Frederica managed well with all the kids onboard and enjoyed a few laughs with them too.

Group photo South China Sea March 2014

It was a busy weekend. GS-Diving PADI Instructors Phil and Andrew had 8 PADI Open Water Students each and shared my new PADI Dive Master Trainee, Julius. I was in charge of the dive deck and Teacher Vicky, also a PADI Instructor, snorkelled and looked after students on the surface.

On Saturday we dived Renggis twice and Tomok once.


Exercise bike at RenggisCuttlefish at Renggis


The leisure divers, Georg, Kimberley, Favian and Choon Hou, led by GS-Diving PADI Dive Master, Georgie also dived the Sipadan Wreck and did a night dive at Tomok.

Leisure Divers March 2014

Ryan struggled with most things including not being able to descend and stay down, so he stopped diving on Saturday and missed Sunday’s dive. Felix could not equalise on the third dive on Saturday. Both will complete the course in the future.

The highlight, according to Phil, was the Sunday morning dive at Bahara Rock. Excellent viz, turtles, school jacks and so on. He never stopped talking for 10 minutes once he got out of the water.  Teacher Vicky, who was also not diving and I, were not happy listening to him. He even said it was the “best dive” he had done at Tioman in such a long time. Yes, I was very jealous!

Phil also managed to complete the final PADI Adventure Dive for Choon Hou, a father of one of the students onboard. Choon Hou is now a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. Congratulations!

Well done to Marcus, Miguel, Jo-ann, Evangeline, Siobhan, Giana, Alexis, Benjamin, Felix, Emma, Leon, Stuart, Eliah and Frederica for completing their PADI Open Water Diver Courses too!

Cheers, Gary

Underwater photos taken by Kimberley at Renggis using Gary’s camera. Additional photos from the trip can be viewed on the GS-Diving Facebook Page – click here to view