Trip Report 3rd May

Low TideOnly 2 dives Saturday morning to report on this week, everyone was away enjoying the extra long weekend.

We dived Singapore’s Hantu Jetty and the Inner Reef.

It was a super low tide when we arrived at 8.45am after departing from our berth at the Royal Singapore Yacht Club (West Coast Ferry Road) at 8am.


groupI had Ryan, Desmond, Sima and Sanyue. Julius, my PADI Dive Master Trainee was also helping.

Also on this trip were regulars Jeff, Su, Sophie and Paul.

Guy was escorting the kids from an International School.



good vizRyan was previously on a trip to Tioman and could not complete all of the PADI Open Water Dives, so a couple of trips to Hantu should help him get certified.

This trip was the first time he managed to stay underwater for an entire dive.



The viz was not so good at the jetty, I guess due to the super low tide, but we saw the resident puffer fish, flat worms and schooling pomfrits.

Su nudiHowever, the inner reef was amazing.

We anchored the boat nearby and from the top of the boat we could see the reef.

The viz was good at 6-8 metres with lots to see.



Velvety by SuSu named this flatworm, Velvety and was so engrossed she nearly missed the octopus flying by.

Sima and Sanyue completed their PADI Open Water Diver Course.  Well done Ladies!




It was nice to have a Sunday off and I look forward to diving again next weekend with a few pool sessions in between.

Cheers, Gary

Underwater photos taken by Su.