Trip Report 24 May 2014

We headed out from the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club at 8am Saturday morning, GS-Diving had both boats – the Dolphin Explorer and the Southern Comfort.

The plan for the day was two dives at Hantu Jetty with an underwater cleanup.  We managed to collect 45 kilos of bottles and I am sure there is another 500 kilos still to be collected.  There is only so much one person can carry underwater.

I completed 3 dives with my PADI Open Water Student Qin En. He has one more dive to do before he completes the course.

The viz was ok, at about 3 metres on the first dive and 5 metres on the second.  I managed to find the octopus that has been there for a couple of weeks, along with all the nudi’s, flat worms and fish.  After the last dive, Suko and I did a quick dive in search of a missing mask and on the way up we saw a school off about 200 pomfrits. I told Suko it was like a mini Sipadan.

We also had a BBQ on-board the Southern Comfort. This time, we also had also bee hoon and chicken wings for breakfast. The BBQ consisted of kebabs and an awesome burger after the last dive.  The food started at 8am and only finished after the last dive.

Hantu Group with GS-DivingIt was a great group of people that had not dived with me before and I hope to see them all again.






Barclays Group with GS-DivingThe Barclays group.












Cheers – Gary