Trip Report 8 June 2014

Another great two dives around Singapore’s World Famous Pulau Hantu.  This trip was interesting because of the mix of students I had onboard.

I had two students completing their PADI Open Water Course and I was their PADI Instructor. Assisting me was Favian, a GS-Diving PADI Dive Master Trainee and GS-Diving PADI Assistant Instructor Trainee, John.  Talk about a nice ratio for the Open Water Students.

John and Gary
PADI Assistant Instructor – John with Gary
Ryan and Qin Ee
PADI Open Water Students – Ryan and Qin Ee










Anyway, both Ryan and Qin Ee passed their PADI Open Water Course. John also completed his PADI Assistant Instructor Course and Favian guided the second dive of the day, so he is well on the way to completing his PADI Dive Master Course too. Congratulations!

Also onboard was Phil, James, John and Peter who all dived together.


The Group
The Hantu Group – 8 June 2014

We dived the “training ground” which is inside the Outer Reef. It was an excellent sandy spot to complete the PADI Open Water skills and John’s Assistant Instructor skills.  The viz was ok, the water was clear but very green and dark. However we still managed to find all the usual fish life.

The second dive was guided by Favian. The now newly certified Open Water Divers followed Favian very closely and I was behind laughing all the way.  I managed to find a tiny tiger seahorse and also showed it to Phil who showed the rest of his group.  I also saw a blue spotted ray, a puffer fish and this one small trevally followed me everywhere.  The school of pomfrits are still at the jetty, which is good to see given the fishing activity that has been there of late.


Glenda’s Tip: Don’t be afraid to listen for your buddy if the viz is a little dark. You will literally bump into him (or her) in a matter of moments at Hantu.


Cheers – Gary Savins