Trip Report 7-11 July 2014

Teacher Vicky from an International School was desperate to get in some diving in before school resumed.  She insisted that Favian, a student at her school who is also a GS-Diving PADI Dive Master trainee, and I join her a couple of days diving at Miri, Sarawak.

Miri is in Sarawak, Borneo and it is easy to get to with a 2 hour direct flight from Singapore and 30 minute car ride from the airport to the hotel.  The hotel is basic and is part of the dive shop.  We had to take a short 5 minute ride for each 2 dive trip to the jetty.  All dive sites in Miri are about 20-30 minute fast boat ride away.

Miri is a oil mining town and there are a lot of wrecks and a sunken oil rig that can be dived along with the amazing coral reefs.

Miri is not well known for its diving, which is a good thing, because there is very little damage to the coral.  The hard coral at Miri is incredible and there is a lot of it everywhere.  Add schooling fish like barracuda and trevally, lobsters, groupers, scorpionfish and many more and you have some pretty good diving.

On the last day we dived a wreck and an oil rig leg. The visibility was 15-20 metres. Some of the best diving at Miri is on their many wrecks.  We even managed to rescue 2 lobsters from a fishing net too.

Miri is perfect for a short break, if you want to dive Miri, join my Easter trip 3-6 April 2015.

Cheers, Gary


Video by Gary Savins