Trip Report 5th July

Driving to the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) at 7am in pouring rain started to make me think we were going to experience bad visibility.  The rain was so strong, some customers even messaged me asking if we were still diving.  “Of course!” I said with fingers and toes crossed.

With everyone onboard the Dolphin Explorer we headed out to complete 2 dives around Hantu.  We started at the Jetty and the visibility was actually better than the previous week despite all the rain.

I was completing the PADI Open Water Diver Course with Samuel and the Advanced Open Water Diver Course with Qin Ei.  Both guys did well and are now looking at their next course. So keen!

Edwin, a local Dive Guide was looking after 5 recreational leisure divers who were all very excited to get into the green water.  REVO Instructor, Davy Koh was also onboard conducting a REVO Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Course with his student.

The second dive was the highlight. We started at the Little Wreck and there was a lot of fish life including a huge puffer fish, a school of rabbit fish and some trevally.  After we checked out the wreck we headed north/east to the reef and this was made easy by the slight current pushing in the same direction.  We got to the reef  after about 5 minutes of cruising along the sand watching all the small critters.

The reef was busy with lots of fish, schooling fusiliers and more schooling rabbit fish. We found the anemone that hosted the 3 resident clown fish and about 20 glass shrimps.  We also saw loads of nudis and the regular fish life. The boys were busy using their GoPros getting some nice footage although I think they will invest in purple filters for their next adventure.

Cheers, Gary


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