Trip Report 23 August 2014

GS_Diving Instructor Julius and Bryan and MumI opted for an easy weekend and only did a two dive local trip on Saturday morning.

The viz was good at around 4-5 metres. Best its been for a while.

GS-Diving Instructor Julius was completing the last two dives of the PADI Open Water Course with Bryan. Bryan did very well and passed the course. Congratulations! Byran’s mum joined as a non diver for the trip too.


GS-Diving Group photoKeith and Ahmad buddied up so did Alexis and Lucy.  All four had a great time exploring Singapore local dive sites.

I was guiding some newish divers, Cheryl, Robin, Marc, Xavier and Mary.

We dived the inner reef and the Small Wreck. After we checked out the Small Wreck, we did a 8 minute swim across the sand to reach the Outer Reef.


There were loads of rabbit fish and a coral cod on the wreck itself. The reef was covered with Nudi’s and clown fish. I found the glass shrimp and showed the group.

Cheers, Gary