Trip Report 13 and 14 September 2014

Another weekend of excellent local diving in Singapore and the visibility was still good at 4-6 metres.  I managed to get Dave through the PADI Open Water Diver Course. He had a few issues with buoyancy, but got there in the end.  Congratulations Dave!

Lucy completed two more dives towards her PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course too.


GS-Diving - Dave New Open Water DiverOn both days we dived The Small Wreck and The Nearby Reef.  The Small Wreck was loaded with rabbit fish, bat fish and a huge puffer that had 3 tiny yellow trevally following it everywhere.

On Saturday, Dave was doing the “fin pivot” nearby The Small Wreck in the sand when he jumped up and stopped doing the skill, I looked at him asking, “What’s up?” He pointed to a small banded sea snake heading right for him.



I pointed the sea snake out to nearby divers, who all eagerly wanted a look and I slowly headed across to The Reef with Dave and Favian.  The look of relief on Dave’s face was priceless.

At The Reef, we found glass shrimp, the big grouper, 100’s of nudis and lots of clown fish.  I had a father and son join the trip and the father had never seen a clown fish, despite his extensive diving over many many years in the Caribbean.  I explained to them where to find them and they returned happy divers with photos to prove that they found Nemo.

On Sunday, Yvonne and Evangeline asked what the dive site name was for The Small Wreck.  I have always just called it The Small Wreck.  So we decided to rename it “Ghost Wreck”.  Now I need a name for The Big Wreck. Anyone?

We also did a dive along The Rock Wall at Hantu. After some discussion, we have decided to rename this site as The Break Wall. Easy to understand and easy to dive, simply just descend and follow the reef on the right all the way until the break wall ends.  During the dive I spotted all the usual marine life, but was surprised to see a “star gazer” (sorry no photo).  I pointed it out to my latest PADI Dive Master Trainee, Julian and it took him a while to see it.

Kelvin joined again and took more good shots on Saturday as per below.  Plus he just signed up to do his PADI Dive Master Course.

GS-Diving  - Saturday's Group



Saturday’s group – Dave, Lucy, Phil, Georgie, Pat, Pam, Yong Quan, Roland, Kelvin.  PADI Dive Master Trainee Favian also helped me with my courses.




GS-Diving  Sunday's Group



Sunday’s group – Dave, Robin, Kay Khen, Yvonne, Evangeline, Paul, Chris, Henry, Robin and Mardiyana.  PADI Dive Master Trainee Julian also help me with my courses.


More photos of the trip can be found on our FaceBook page – GS-Diving FaceBook Page

Cheers, Gary Savins