Trip Report 27 and 28 September 2014

Great Viz at HantuAnother weekend with amazing visibility at our local Singapore hangout, Hantu. It’s a small island in the southern waters just 40 minutes from the local yacht club at West Coast Ferry Road.

The best part is, you don’t need passports and you can be home within an hour or so after your last dive.



GS-Diving did 4 trips with a total of 35 divers and one non diver.

GS-Diving Saturday afternoon groupGS - Diving Satyrday Mornings groupGS-Diving Sunday moring groupGS-Diving Sunday afternoons greoup










In the mornings, it was all leisure divers and we dived Ghost Wreck and around The Break Wall each time. The visibility was around 6 metres. I had predicated this visibility based on the tides and the moon cycle earlier in the week and I was so happy to share the experience with everyone over the weekend. I guess that is why this weekend filled up so fast and there was no currents either.

DCIM148GOPROI am going to change the name of Ghost Wreck to Ringgit Wreck.  I found a 1 Ringgit note on the wreck.

I went searching around the wreck just in case there was a bag of money, hopefully a bag of 1,000,000 ringgit’s.  No luck, but I did find a new small reef.  I took some video you can view below.




I completed the PADI Open Water Diver Course with 4 students from an International School.  GS-Diving Instructor Phil also did open water dives 1 and 2 with one other PADI Open Water student. Congratulations to Yuka, Tina, Danash and Adinda for achieving your PADI!

Sightings included a lion fish, blue spotted ray, several large snails, a star gazer, a turtle and loads of nudis. I showed my students two purple dragon nudi’s that were making more nudi’s.  I decided best not to show them the sign for what they were doing.  I told them later in a polite way what the nudi’s were doing and they all had a giggle.

Ringgit Wreck as always had the rabbit fish and loads of small fish.  I could not find the stargazer again at The Break Wall.  But I found another star gazer on Sunday near The North Jetty.  When I saw it, I deployed my surface marker buoy (SMB) and tied it to a rock nearby. Then after I got the students out of the water, I went back with my GoPro to get a video. I started recording and the battery went flat. I got about 1 second of video . . .

In the afternoon trips we dived the reef near The Northern Jetty and at The Northern Jetty.  We saw flat worms, an octopus, the schooling pomfrits, loads of nudis’ and all the usual fish life. Phil’s friend joined Sunday afternoon and did a bit of snorkelling.

Regular Kelvin was onboard and you can see his pictures below.  Click for a larger view.


Glenda’s Tip – Do consider getting two batteries for your GoPro if you are lucky enough to have one. It is best to change batteries and not think that it might just have enough juice to last two dives, as more than likely it will go flat when you need it most.


Cheers, Gary Savins

Video by Gary Savins from GS-Diving. Thank you to Kelvin Pung for the use of your underwater photos.