Trip Report 25 and 26 October 2014

Another great weekend with great visibility in Singapore’s backyard.

GS-Diving PADI Instructor Julius was onboard Saturday afternoon with eleven recreational divers and one student. Instructor Julius completed the first two dives of the PADI Open Water Course with Dionne at the World Famous Hantu.

I was only on the boat for the second trip on Sunday afternoon. Regulars Kelvin, Boon Leong, Peter, Paulo, Steve and Elizabeth were onboard on Sunday along with four newly certified divers. The first dive was at The Northern Reef.  I briefed everyone to swim over the towards the break wall and told them that when you see the reef descend and enjoy.

Well, the newbies swam all the way to the break wall and tried to descend in 30cm of water.  So I donned my speedos and fins and showed them where to descend.  There was a lot of bobbing up and down for a while, but they eventually sorted themselves out.

A turtle was seen along with loads of nudis, flat worms and a seahorse. Do check out our GS-Diving FaceBook page for more underwater photos. Provided you are patient and dive slowly in a horizontal position, there is lots to see!

GS-Diving nudis

GS-Diving seahorse



IMG_0367 Gobi and Shrimp at Hantu











Cheers, Gary Savins
Underwater photos taken on Sunday by Boon Leong. Thanks for the use of your photos.