Trip Report 1 and 2 November 2014

DadI took a weekend off and went to Sydney for my Dad’s 80th birthday.

Short trip. I flew to Sydney Friday night and returned Monday night.

It was good catching up with the family. Dad had a great party.

Although I must say, it seemed like I didn’t sleep over the weekend. I endured sleeplessness on the plane due to crying babies and crazy passengers and in Sydney, a snoring pug called Laura insisted in sharing the spare bedroom with me.

But I managed to get home and eventually get some rest and some sleep.

GS-Diving PADI Instructor Julius was in charge of the local diving whilst I was away.  There were 48 divers spread over 4 trips.  They visited the southern islands of Singapore, just a short 40 minute boat ride from the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Julius also completed the PADI Open Water Course with Dionne and two sisters, Hui Ying and Hui Ling. Congratulations!

GS-Diving Sunday Afternoon gorupGS-Diving Saturday Morning GS-Diving Sunday Morning group

GS-Diving Saturday Afternoon










Julius was also very excited to meet up with some old customers who previously dived with him at his previous place of employment, Exotic Island Dive Resort Malapascua, Philippines. Whilst they didn’t see the thresher sharks, at least they saw the turtles. Actually, the turtles were so friendly they were seen on every trip over the weekend.

The visibility was still good at around 6 metres and has been that way for a while now.  Let’s hope it stays that way forever, which it might do, given land re-claiming has decreased around the area over the last year.

GS-DIving nudi GS-DIving nudi1 GS-DIving coral GS-DIving nudi with eggs GS-DIving Turtle





GS-Diving Turtle at Hantu












Cheers, Gary Savins

Photos by Kelvin Pung and Ng, Boon Leong