Trip Report 15 and 16 November 2014

We had a quieter weekend than normal with only two trips, Saturday and Sunday morning diving our local waters off Hantu, Singapore. During these trips I certified Calvin as a PADI Open Water Diver.  I also certified Lucy and Kelvin as PADI Rescue Divers.  Kelvin has signed up for PADI Dive Master Course too.

We used the Dolphin Explorer both days and I had to drive the small speed boat because we had too many divers to fit on one boat.  It was the first time driving with customers and luckily Lucy was there to help.  Lucy works and lives on a yacht, so she has good experience at sea. And just like me, recently earned her Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL). We had 16 people each day and the Dolphin Explorer can only take 10-12 depending which boat is used.

The bigger Dolphin Explorer has been sold and this was our last trip on her.  We are now using another boat from the Dolphin fleet, called MV Club Luix, but she will be changing her name soon to Dolphin Explorer.  The boat we are now using is bigger again with a nice top deck and a big air conditioned lounge that can sit 10 people easily.  It is still comfortable diving from the new boat.

GS-Diving Dive Master Trainee Julian was onboard Sunday and looked after 4 divers and did his first dive briefing.  His group managed to see the huge resident turtle.

During my dives we saw loads on blue dragon nudis and the carpet shrimp. Calvin wanted to see clown fish, so we showed him a bunch of them.  We also saw a big puffer fish and loads of rabbit fish on Ghost Wreck.

I was very impressed with both Lucy and Kelvin for their competent rescue skills.  They worked really well as a team despite my best efforts to make the scenarios as difficult as possible.

GS-Diving gearing up GS-Diving gearing up1 GS-Diving Dolphin Explorer GS-Diving.  You got me












Cheers, Gary Savins