New Boat For Local Diving – Coming Soon 2015

As you all know and as I keep saying on some trips to Hantu, “We need a bigger boat . . . ”
Well, it’s coming around October 2015.

She is being built right now in Batam, Indonesia.  She was originally an unfinished fibre glass ferry. But as scuba divers, the obvious conclusion was to convert her into a dive boat.  She is 20 metres long and 6 metres wide and can most likely take around 20 divers.

With the wheelhouse at the very front of the boat, the back is just one huge open dive deck.  The deck is approximately 14 metres long, with exit points on the side and the back.  This will allow divers to get in the water faster and with less congestion.

There is a lot of space to store your fins and other dive gear and we have built in two wash basins for cameras.  This will make it a lot more camera friendly than the boats we currently use now.

There is plenty of sitting room in the wheelhouse and up stairs on the top deck.  There are two bathrooms with toilets and showers, along with open air showers on the dive deck.  Most of all, there will be a permanent gas BBQ.

She is expected to be a fast boat that will be able to reach Hantu, a local island off Singapore from the Republic of  Singapore Yacht Club in 30-40 minutes.  We plan to dive all year round and we will dive other islands during the non monsoon season too.  Sister Islands, Pulau Jong  and St Johns will be on the schedule soon.  Keep an eye on my booking page!

The pictures below are work in progress. Do note she still needs to be painted to look nice and needs to be formally fitted out with her inner wear.

 New Wheelhouse DiveSingapore  New Paint DiveSingapore
Humble Beginnings GS-Diving New Local Boat Work In Progress
GS-Diving New Local Boat Work In Progress GS-Diving New Local Boat Work In Progress

Cheers, Gary Savins