Trip Report 21 December 2014

With only 5 divers, due to the up and coming Christmas break, we headed off to Hantu to complete two dives. For those reading my blog and who are unfamiliar with Hantu (aptly named “Ghost Island”), it is located near the southern islands of Singapore. Easily accessible and you don’t need passports.

The two leisure divers dived together. I had 3 PADI Open Water Students.  One girl was completing dives 3 and 4 of her course and two guys completing dives 1 and 2 of their course.

The first dive was at Ghost Wreck and the storm from the previous night made the visibility not so good at about 1-3 metres.  I guess you could say, it was rather “ghostly”?

One of my male students could not equalise and the other could not stay down, so the guys aborted the dive and opted to try again later.  I showed my one remaining student, Alekha, around the wreck and she completed the required skills.  She really enjoyed the big bat fish and the puffer fish that circled around the wreck.

The second dive at The Break Wall. The viz was better and everyone managed to complete the dive.

Well done to Alekha for becoming a PADI Junior Open Water Diver. Congratulations!

YM and Karan completed 1 dive each. Karan is off to Bali tomorrow afternoon to complete the rest of his course.  And YM, will come back for two more trips in January 2015 to complete his.

GS-Diving 21st Hantu Dives







Cheers, Gary Savins