Trip Report 27 and 28 December 2014

The last dive trip of 2014 was enjoyed by all onboard with 2-3 metres visibility.  I was glad to see the visibility had improved from Christmas Day. We were diving a local Singapore dive site called Hantu, just a short boat ride from West Coast Ferry Road, departing from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Regulars Ann, Boon Leong, Kelvin and Yvonne were onboard and brought a group of 7 friends.  There was another group of 8 friends onboard that where having a great time judging  by the amount of laughter I heard from them all morning.

I was being lazy and did not dive. I just helped everyone gear-up and get in and out of the water.  That was until two of Yvonne’s friends were having all sorts of problems descending and staying down.  I took one of them for a dive and Francis then took them on the second dive, one at a time.  It turns out these two ladies learned to dive 2 years ago and have not dived since.

It is not a good idea to try and dive if you have not done so for a while, even more so if you have not dived since your Open Water Course.  It is best if you request a dive guide to help you and/or complete the PADI Reactive Course.

Anyway, everyone had fun and it was a nice way to end the year.

GS-Diving Nudi 1 GS-Diving NudiGS-Diving 28th Morning Trip GS-Diving 27th Morning group

Cheers, Gary Savins

Thanks to Kelvin Pung for the use of your underwater photos.