The Seaborne is Back!

For those people that have been diving with me for a while now, know that I managed the Mata Ikan and then started using The Seaborne for trips to Tioman, Malaysia and Riau, Indonesia.  We started diving Riau in 2010 on the Mata Ikan and then the Seaborne in 2012.  We even managed a 4 day trip over the equator and dived Lingga Islands too.

We had a lot of fun and successful trips on the both boats.  But there was one event that changed the industry.

We were diving from the Seaborne at Jack Rock, Malaysia on a Sunday after a nice weekend of Diving at Tioman.  Unfortunately, the Malaysian Authorities were not happy with us being there and detained the boat and all onboard.  You can read more here.

The Seaborne is a simple Live On Board (LOB) and that’s the way I like it.  Sure, The Seaborne is not for everyone, but those that love her will always do so.  I find it a great LOB. There are air-conditioned bedrooms, an air-conditioned saloon, a separate eating area, a separate sun deck and a good sized dive deck. She is fast and can reach places like Pulau Damar in Anambas, quickly.  With only 14 divers the dive sites are not crowded.

The good news is she is back and will start operating late January 2015.  She will run to Riau until end March and then to Anambas Island, Mapur Island and Igara wreck from April 2015.  Trips are online now waiting for your booking.

Most importantly – Captain Ah Gun is still driving The Seaborne and cooking the famous Saturday BBQ. Essentially it will be the same.

Right now we are busy giving her a facelift and she is starting to take shape.  You can view the pictures and progress here.  While you are there please like The Seaborne.Asia Facebook page.

Hope to see you on The Seaborne soon.

Cheers, Gary

Seaborne Logos narrow