Trip Report 28 February and 1 March 2015

With no diving over the Chinese New Year break, I was happy to take some time off.  But this did not happen, as I ended up driving a boat all week for a local fish farm.  Anyway, the 28th February and 1st March dive trips were just amazing.

Hantu just keeps getting better and better.  On these two trips we enjoyed 5-6 metre visibility on all 4 dives.  Some of my regulars were diving along with a bunch of first time divers at Hantu, a local island off Singapore just a short 40 minute boat ride away .  The newbies were very surprised at the conditions. They expected zero viz and strong currents.

Every time someone asks me about the “strong currents” at Hantu, I always say, “Yes, there are some! But we don’t dive where there are strong currents. We move around the island and dive away from any currents.  We decide where to dive on the day, based on the tide.”

I was diving this weekend with 2 ladies doing their PADI Open Water Diver Course. Happy to say both Ally and Rannessa did very well and are good divers.

Every dive someone saw one of the many turtles that reside around Hantu.  As I was driving the boat during the week, I saw at least two a day surface for air.  There are a lot around and you should be able to see one every weekend.

Kelvin joined on Sunday for his first PADI Dive Master trip.  He did very well, helping everyone gear up, and get in and out of the water. He also helped with my two students.  Another good DM in the making.

The good visibility meant we saw lots of cool stuff.  Check out the photos below.

GS-DIving Ray GS-Diving Skelton Shrimp GS-Diving Nudi 2 GS-Diving Nudi 1 GS-Diving Nudi GS-Diving Flat Worm
GS-Diving Cuttlefish





















Cheers, Gary