Trip Report 7 and 8 March 2015

I was away diving Riau, Indonesia on the Seaborne (live on board) this weekend.  It was the Seaborne’s first trip.  So GS-Diving Instructor Julius was in charge of local diving. Julius had been away, back home in the Philippines for 6 weeks. He was happy to be diving in warmer water again. He enjoys the great diving Singapore has to offer and from our conversations over the weekend, he really missed it.

Julius’s message to me was, “Turtles, Nudis, Scorpion Fish, Pipe Fish 4-5 m viz, love it!” So it seems like everyone had a great time diving in Singapore’s backyard.

GS-Diving Sunday Morning Group GS-Diving Saturday Afternoon Group







Regular Chay Hoon was onboard and took these great shots. Thanks Chay Hoon for the use of your photos.
GS-Diving Chay Hoon Flat Worn 1 GS-Diving Chay Hoon flat worm GS-Diving Chay Hoon good viz

GS-Diving Chay Hoon GS-Diving Chay Hoon Nudi

GS-Diving Chay Hoon Nudi 2 GS-Diving Chay Hoon 1






















Cheers, Gary Savins