Trip Report 8-10 May 2015 Seaborne

The Seaborne, live on board headed out towards Anambas, Indonesia for the first time, in a very long time this weekend.  Unfortunately the seas were not as calm as expected in May and some people were a little bit sea sick.

GS-DIving Group







We dived at Malang Biru, Repong, Katoka Rock on Saturday and the Igara Wreck on Sunday.

Katoka Rock was far by the best dive, with so much to see with fantastic colourful coral and loads of fish. The visibility was 20-30 metres.

With 10 divers on board and no other boats in sight we had all of the dives sites to ourselves.  There was no current at all on Saturday and people really enjoyed the fantastic diving Anambas had to offer.  The coral is still in good condition at Malang Biru, but Repong is showing signs of previous dynamite fishing.

On Sunday we dived the Igara Wreck which was fantastic, although the current was a bit strong on the way down the line and up again.  On the wreck itself there was no current on the port side, but very strong on the starboard side.  We did the usual swim through the rope room and “the crack” looking for the nurse sharks,  but no sharks were sighted.  The visibility on the wreck was around 8 metres, so not too bad at all.

The food on board was fresh as always and the Saturday BBQ was just as tasty as ever.

Cheers, Gary Savins