Trip Report 26 to 28 June 2015 – Seaborne

Another great weekend diving around Mapor, Indonesia onboard the live on board called the Seaborne.

The visibility was ok, but not as good as normal. That did not deter us though from enjoying the weekend of diving.  We completed 7 dives over the weekend.  We dived Buddha Rock, Sentut, Redang, Valley Forge Wreck and the best dive was at the northern tip of Bintan where the visibility was really good.

Go figure, we travelled 7 hours to go to Mapor, but found better visibility only 3 hours from Batam.

Over the weekend I competed SDI Solo Diver with Eva and SDI Advanced Open Water with Shafiq.  Well done to both!  The Solo Diver Course is a lot of fun to teach and Eva really enjoyed what she learnt, a very good student she was.

Two years ago, I went to where the Sarawak Maru was but we could not find it. I checked again the trip before this one and we saw something on the depth sounder.  So this trip GS-Diving Instructor Yvonne and I jumped in to take a better look.  I was very happy to see the whole wreck is still there and a school of trevally greeted us. The visibility was good, up to 10 metres.

I will be diving this wreck every trip from now on.

The Seaborne BBQ was a hit again on Saturday night.

IMG_0209 IMG_0208







Cheers, Gary Savins