Trip Report 7 and 8 August (National Day Long Weekend) – Local Diving

Despite the heavy rains encountered Friday and Saturday we managed to have a few great dives this long weekend. Friday was a public holiday in Singapore and we had two trips, both morning and afternoon. Saturday we just dived in the morning. We were diving in Singapore’s backyard, a local island called Hantu.

SG50 DiveSingapore Friday1
SG50 DiveSingapore Friday2
SG50 DiveSingapore Saturday

SG50 Seahorse Kelvin Pung

Friday saw 2 to 3 metre viz, and everyone managed to see one of the resident seahorses.





SG50 Fish Kelvin Pung

Saturday had 4 metre viz. This was surprising. On the way out to Hantu there was a storm and we were debating whether or not to return to the yacht club.

We waited for around 30 minutes at Hantu, before the sky broke and it was clear and safe to dive.

Mind you, the thunder and rain was amazing on the way out. Lucky we were still able to dive, I say!


SG50 Nudibranch Kelvin Pung

Saturday morning divers were treated with Shaun the Sheep and many seahorses.

They also saw stingrays, nudibranchs and lots more.

I completed the PADI Open Water Diver Course with Mack over the weekend. Congratulations!


Whye Keong also did a portion of his PADI Search and Recovery Speciality on Saturday too.
Our French GS-Diving Divemaster Trainee,  Nico was also onboard for all three trips to lend a helping hand. Thanks, it was really appreciated.


SG50 Crab Kelvin Pung
Thanks to Kelvin Pung for the use of his Saturday photos.

Although we do feel sorry for this poor crab, having been seen partially legless and clawless, yet still alive.



SG50 Unknown Kelvin Pung


This strange creature has been identified as a sea cucumber. Although the question remains, is this it’s head or the “other” end?




Great weekend dives celebrating Singapore’s 50th Birthday!

Cheers GS-Diving PADI Instructor, Julius Orongan

Additional photos from this trip, can be viewed here – GS-Diving Facebook Album for National Day 2015