Trip Report 23 – 24 January 2016 (Seaborne LOB)

This weekend, myself (James) and PADI DiveMaster, Cassandra took 8 divers out to Batam Reefs and GS-Diving PADI DiveMaster Kelvin also tagged along to get some underwater photography done. We had really nice weather with quite nice conditions. Viz was reasonable and a little current at times meant there was good diving to be done.

Kelvin acquired a new apprentice on this trip. He had heard of Kelvin’s book “Diving into the Green” and wanted to learn from the master photographer. The 4 day dives on Saturday provided lots to look at, particularly a very nice pregnant seahorse. Anyway we had a really nice weekend and came back on Sunday after doing 6 dives in total over the quick weekend getaway (leaving Saturday morning returning Sunday afternoon).

Here are some great photos taken by Kelvin’s new apprentice XJ.

Seaborne LOB.2 Seaborne LOB. gear Seaborne LOB.1 Seaborne LOB Seaborne LOB group Kerang gelang

















Cheers, James