Diving Pulau Weh

Diving Pulau Weh

With its pristine corals + clear water + millions of marine inhabitants + scenic underwater topography, Diving Pulau Weh hits all the right spots for these signature diving conditions. Situated at the northern tip of the Sumatra and the eastern end of the Andaman Sea, the tranquil Pulau Weh offers a laid-back and low-cost lifestyle with the friendly locals in the villages.

The usual suspects in the sea include turtles, rays, sharks, giant groupers, wrasses, eels, jackfishes, fusiliers, nudibranchs, and many more. [Our favourites: garden eel, ribbon eel, dartfish, napoleon wrasse, and dolphins. And uh… soapfish, anyone?] There is also a rare sight of underwater volcano where hot sulphuric water constantly oozing out from the seabed.  If we are the chosen one, there would be chances of seeing pelagic giants passing by the Andaman!

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