PADI Dive Courses – 1st to 3rd Mar’19 – Tioman Juara – GS-Diving

PADI Dive Courses – Happy weekend! Guess where we hung out this weekend? We are back in Tioman Juara with our partner Scuba Do for the opening of the dive season…woohoo! Check out our website for upcoming weekend trips and PADI dive courses!

Juara beach on Tioman Island is the very definition of paradise an awesome, wonderful peaceful getaway, and it’s started to get more and more attention, and visitors, in recent years, it is still resisting the mass development that has engulfed the rest of the islands in the region.

If someone told you to imagine a tropical paradise, then you would probably think of South East Asia, a vast region filled with idyllic tropical islands. Then you would immediately conjure up images of white sand beaches framed by lush, tropical jungle, palm trees swaying in a warm breeze and clear cerulean seas filled with wildlife. Then you would try to forget the hordes of package tourists and concrete hotels and resorts that are infesting more and more of these islands every year and try to imagine instead a local village atmosphere, with just a few small beach huts to stay in and barely another soul around.

Well you don’t need to imagine, just come join us to find out more about this awesome small beach – Juara Beach!

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