Gull GS Boots Women’s



The Gull GS Boots Women’s features superior grip, designed to fit the complete range of Japanese (Asian) female feet. They are available in size increments of 0.5cm, you will can use them for scuba diving, skin diving, and all other related marine sports!

It comes with a top cap and instep protector that is very useful when using fins like the Scubapro Seawing Nova. This prevents any bruises or stress on the instep, fills up fin pockets well, and providing an all round grip in the fin pocket for maximum stability.

The Gull GS Boots Women’s also features a deodorising system, that prevents bacterial growth which produces the foul wetsuit stench. Although this deodorising system in inbuilt, you are still advised to wash the boots with soap end of the diving day. Do also take note that the anti odour treatment is not permanent.

Slipping on the dive deck is a common accident that most of us have seen. Therefore, this anti slip deck sole greatly reduces this risk. The rear main stitches of the boots are away from the center, and therefore prevents any discomfort, or possibility to blister at the heels.