Trip Report 14 & 15 January

It’s 6.50am Saturday morning and I’m at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club waiting on my students and it’s very dark.  I make myself a coffee and wipe the sleep from my eyes.   My students arrive on time and we head out for the first two dives of their PADI Open Water Diver Course.  I … Read more

Trip Report 7 & 8 January

I need to start by saying that the visibility at Hantu during the weekend was horrible, most likely the worst I have experienced.  I thought it was bad on Saturday, but it got worse on Sunday.   Anyway, we still dived and saw an Octopus and a Blue Spotted Ray, another diver saw a Seahorse.   … Read more

Trip Report 25-30 December

Hi all and Happy New Year.   This trip report is a little different than all others, mostly because I was not working, but “leisure” diving with Karen.   It was an awesome way to spend the holiday break.   We departed on the 25th December for Clarke airport in the Philippines and we were … Read more

Trip Report 17 & 18 December

It was an overcast day when all 12 divers headed to Hantu (a local island, just off the coast of Singapore) Saturday morning.  We had 2 PADI Open Water students and 10 leisure divers.   The dives on Saturday were not so hot because the viz was about one metre and the current was strong.  … Read more

Trip Report 10 & 11 December

It was a dark gloomy Saturday morning when my three PADI Open Water Students, Travis, Bayland and Jim headed to Hantu for the first two dives of their course.  My Dive Master Trainee, Georgina was with us all, as well.     When we arrived at the jetty, it was obvious that the viz was … Read more

Trip Report 2-4 December

We left Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore (TMFT) on time with all 14 divers and headed to Nonsga Marina, Batam, for clearance into Indonesia.  This was the first time the MV Seaborne had been to Riau Islands, Indonesia.   We arrived at our destination Saturday morning to collect our Navy Escort.  It was dark and … Read more

Trip Report 19-20 November

There is so much to report, I am lost as to where to start…   How about – thanks to the Dive Masters that helped me for this local Live Onboard Weekend. Kat and Dave did an awesome job guiding and not losing their divers in limited viz waters.  This was Kat’s first DM assignment … Read more

Trip Report 17 November

Arriving at Keppel Marina on Thursday afternoon, we were greeted by the day’s expectation of “rain”.  Luckily it didn’t stretch to Hantu, a local island off Singapore, but stayed onshore (yes, the dark clouds definitely were over the mainland especially over the China Town area).   On board we had Captain George, Boat Boy Noel … Read more

Trip Report 12-13 November

Hantu – Singapore’s most famous dive site during the South China Sea off season.   GS-DIVING headed to a local island of Singapore called Pulau Hantu on Saturday and Sunday morning  with 4 PADI Open Water Students and some leisure divers.   Diving during low tide and after a full moon was a bit challenging … Read more

Aur Tanker Identified

Aur tanker identity is KUROSHIO MARU built in 1938 at Harima japan   She started life as the Japanese KUROSHIO MARU built in 1938 at Harima. She was 525ft long and displaced 10,383t. She had a steam turbine.  She was known as a “Kawasaki-type oiler” and managed by Tyugai Kaikun KK.  She of course was … Read more

Trip Report 7 November

I was lucky enough to join a local dive club exploring a local island off Singapore called Pulau Hantu on Monday (Hari Raya Haji Public Holiday).  Sixteen divers departed from The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, at 8am with clear blue skys.         We first dived around the Hantu Wreck and the … Read more

Trip Report 4-7 November

We boarded the MV DiveRace at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore (TMFT) for a 3 day Long Weekend (Hari Raya Haji Public Holiday), diving Tioman, Kuantan and Varella wrecks, Malaysia.  I had two SDI Junior Adventure Advanced Divers, both students were 10 years old and were already excited about the diving ahead.  Manish was doing his … Read more

Trip Report 21-26 October

Lust For Rust Whale Shark Week We left Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore (TMFT) Friday night on board the Mata Ikan (live on board boat) with 6 rebreather divers and 5 open circuit tech divers and headed straight to the first wreck of the week, Aur Tanker (which by its name is just off the … Read more

Trip Report 28-30 October

We met at the Riverwalk Building, Clarke Quay Singapore Friday night to join the bus to Mersing, Malaysia and then the boat to Pulau Aur.  It was at this time I wondered what I was doing, why did I agree to take a bunch of teenage girls diving….non stop giggling was heard all day and … Read more

Trip Report 14-16 October

  Suzanne, Cherri, Claire, Sheryl, Denise, Nicholas, Goh and my Rescue Diver student Vesi all boarded the Samudera Quest for a weekend of diving around Aur, Malaysia.       We dived, Lang, Pinnacle 2, Pinang, Captain’s Flat and a night dive at the house reef on Saturday.  The viz was good at around 30 … Read more

Trip Report 7-9 October

Seven Skies bound with high hopes to see something big and we were not disappointed. Paul, Suzanne, Yvonne, Joel, Elena and my Tech Student Nas and I joined the DiveRace for a weekend of wreck diving and some reef diving too :) We cleared immigration at Nongsa and headed straight for Seven Skies, we arrived … Read more

Trip Report 30 Sept – 2 October

Ovi, Tobas, Goh and I headed to Seven Skies wreck Friday night onboard the MV White Manta, the seas were calm and not a cloud in the sky. We arrived at Seven Skies early morning and our first dive was a 7am.  Ovi and Tobias had planned to enter the wreck and have a look … Read more

Trip Report 23-25 September

It was the Singapore F1 weekend, which to me is a perfect time to escape the city and go diving.  But then, when do I ever need an excuse:)   My student and I boarded the Live-on-Board (LOB) MV White Manta Friday night and sat back and relaxed as we powered towards Tioman, Malaysia.  We … Read more

Trip Report Monday 19 September

I received a call form Andrew who was in Singapore visiting friends and he wanted to do some diving around Singapore.  Andrew is a journalist for an Australian newspaper and he wanted to do a travel write up.   I arranged to borrow George and his awesome RHIB for 2 dives at the soon to … Read more

Trip Report 9-11 September

Another Friday night meet up at TMFT, I am there so often that the Immigration officers know my name.  I pass through all the checks with the usual greetings – Hi Gary off diving again? Yes, Indonesia this weekend I say.  So nice of these nice people to be so kind and chatty.   As … Read more

Trip Report 26-30 August

Suzanne, Tobias, Kat, Jon and my student Ovi boarded the MV White Manta along with 30 other divers and headed out for 4 days of Expedition Diving around West Anambas.   It is sad to see the decline of the reefs in Indonesia and the obvious damage done by dynamite fishing.  There were no Black … Read more

Trip Report 12-14 August 2011

Still at Tioman after my SDI Junior Open Water Divers had left, I waited for Judi and Mike to arrive on the ferry around 1pm to start their PADI Open Water Course.                     On Friday afternoon with the theory all completed, we headed out for the … Read more

Trip Report 10-11 August 2011

After returning from 4 days on Mata Ikan, I was up at 5am on Wednesday to catch the mini bus to Mersing with my four guests.  Karen also woke early to drive me to the meeting spot at River Valley.  We got through Singapore fast due to no traffic. The immigration officer in Malaysia was … Read more

Trip Report 5-9 August 2011

The plan was to dive the wrecks in Indonesian waters but we decided to play it safe due to the recent weather and extremely rough seas.  I was on another Live On Board (LOB) the previous weekend and it was not very pleasant.  So we departed TMFT without a real plan for the next 4 … Read more

GS-DIVING Launched on Facebook today

Launching on Facebook today, GS-DIVING is pleased to confirm that it’s going to be a great continuing diving season in 2011.  Watch out for our fresh new dive destinations in 2012. Please click the “like button” for GS-DIVING to show your support.  

Trip Report 29-31 July 2011

My student and I boarded the MV Diverace for a weekend of wreck diving and a few dives at Mapor, but the conditions soon changed that plan.  After leaving Nongsa bound for Igara, we hit the high seas only to be met by 2-4m swells.  This and the other guy snoring in my cabin made … Read more

Trip Report – 26-28 July, 2011

I could not believe it when I received another last minute call, this time Friday around 3pm.  Mike a SIA pilot had completed the PADI Discover Scuba Course, recently in Redang and decided that diving was way cool and wanted to learn. His son Mark also joined and he commences his Singapore National Service next … Read more

Trip Report – 22-24 July, 2011

I received a call from Sunil, who wanted to complete his PADI Open Water Course within less than one week. His rational was the fact that he was not required to travel for work that week. I made a few quick calls, delivered the PADI Open Water Manual and other materials to Sunil that very … Read more