Dive Doctor

Sometimes you may have a query of a medical nature or you may have answered “yes” to any of the questions in the Medical Statement Form (prior to starting a diving course) or you may want a diving physical exam to be performed, just to ensure that you will be generally fit for your next diving trip (say after an infection, injury, surgery or even after giving birth).

Diving medicine is generally considered a sub-specialty amongst physicians and we would recommend that you contact our preferred doctor with such concerns.


At the Flinders Medical Centre in Singapore you will be referred to a Specialist Hyperbaric and Diving Doctor who can answer all of your questions and perform the necessary tests to ensure that you are fit for diving.


Dr Kevin Chan
Flinders EMA Pte Ltd
10 Sinaran Drive #09-01
Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506
Tel (+65) 6854 3720 or (+65) 9007 3942
Email – info@flindersema.com

(please note that we do not profit from any visits to the Doctor)