Igara Wreck, one of many awesome wrecks in Indonesia! For those interested in wreck diving , this is a wreck that will definitely fascinate you!

An Italian bulk ore carrier that struck an unmarked rock off coast of Indonesia only a year after entering service. After striking the rock she limped towards port until her bow gradually filled with water. She sank to the bottom at a depth of 40m.

Despite her bow sinking, stern section remained afloat, salvors used explosives to break away entire stern section at Hold 1.(including her engine room and superstructure) The stern section was towed to Japan and built into a new ship, the Eraclide

At the time of her sinking. Igara was the largest maritime loss in history by value with her cargo of iron ore worth $25mm

In 2005 a professional salvage company bought the rights to the wreck from her insurers and salvaged roughly half her cargo of iron ore by cutting off her hatch doors and using vacuums to suck up the ore

Two large nurse sharks are often to be found in the rope room in the bow. There’s recent sightings of whale shark too!

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Wreck Details
Name: Igara
Type: Italian Bulk Carrier
Cargo: 127,718 tons iron ore
Length: 297.3m
Beam: 40.8m
Tonnage: 135,995 DWT; 72,741 GT
Max Speed: 16.5 knots
Launch Date: 1972
Shipyard: Italcantieri
Sinking Date: Mar 1973
Max Depth: 40m to bottom
Min Depth: 14m to top of deck
Orientation: Upright