Twin Tank Workshop

Our Twin Tank Workshop Course is designed by GS-Diving for those people who want to use twin tanks for recreational diving but without decompression obligations.

This course is conducted in the pool at will take approximately 2 hours, including the briefing, equipment set up and time in the pool.

Twin tanks offer you twice as much air, so if you either breathe alot or you just want more air for safety reasons, or you just want to try twin tanks before making the jump to technical diving, this course is for you.




  • 18 years old
  • Advanced Open Water Diver with at least 30 dives
  • Recommended you have jet fins or OMS slip stream fins
  • Good swimming ability
  • Strong legs



Skills conducted in this course:

  • Twin tank equipment preparation
  • Twin tank valve shut down drills
  • Long hose use and out of air drills
  • Breathing techniques and buoyancy control
  • Finning skills, frog kick, helicopter turn and reverse finning



One pool session, twin tanks, twin tank regulators, back plate and twin tank bladder



Mask, fins and wetsuit (fins may be rented for the pool session, however limited sizes are available)