Trip Report 21-26 October

Lust For Rust Whale Shark Week We left Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore (TMFT) Friday night on board the Mata Ikan (live on board boat) with 6 rebreather divers and 5 open circuit tech divers and headed straight to the first wreck of the week, Aur Tanker (which by its name is just off the … Read more

Trip Report 28-30 October

We met at the Riverwalk Building, Clarke Quay Singapore Friday night to join the bus to Mersing, Malaysia and then the boat to Pulau Aur.  It was at this time I wondered what I was doing, why did I agree to take a bunch of teenage girls diving….non stop giggling was heard all day and … Read more

Trip Report 14-16 October

  Suzanne, Cherri, Claire, Sheryl, Denise, Nicholas, Goh and my Rescue Diver student Vesi all boarded the Samudera Quest for a weekend of diving around Aur, Malaysia.       We dived, Lang, Pinnacle 2, Pinang, Captain’s Flat and a night dive at the house reef on Saturday.  The viz was good at around 30 … Read more

Trip Report 7-9 October

Seven Skies bound with high hopes to see something big and we were not disappointed. Paul, Suzanne, Yvonne, Joel, Elena and my Tech Student Nas and I joined the DiveRace for a weekend of wreck diving and some reef diving too :) We cleared immigration at Nongsa and headed straight for Seven Skies, we arrived … Read more

Trip Report 30 Sept – 2 October

Ovi, Tobas, Goh and I headed to Seven Skies wreck Friday night onboard the MV White Manta, the seas were calm and not a cloud in the sky. We arrived at Seven Skies early morning and our first dive was a 7am.  Ovi and Tobias had planned to enter the wreck and have a look … Read more