Trip Report 22-24 June, 2012

This weekend we had calm seas, which was nice for a change. We were on The Ark which is a live-on-board boat that departs from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Friday night and returns Sunday night.  I was conducting Advanced Open Water Courses on this trip. Although I must say, we did experience bad viz … Read more

Trip Report 15-17 June

Num Num, Mr Angry, The Model, Revo Roat, Goh, Georgie and Phil joined GS-DIVING for the weekend diving the Seven Skies Wreck, Igara Wreck and Anambas, Indonesia.  We departed from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Friday night and boarded the MV DiveRace (live-on-board boat), checked in at Nongsa Marina, Indonesia, had dinner, exchanged a few … Read more

Trip Report 8-10 June

After diving for 6 years, it is now time to retire my second wetsuit.  This one had served me well with over 150 dives to its credit.  It had started to perish in December, then fall apart in March and now in June, well nothing is left but a piece of stiff cardboard type material … Read more

Trip Report 1-3 June

With 17 divers loaded,  we headed from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsa Marina, Indonesia to clear immigration into Indonesia. Glenn and Wendel were helping out as dive guides. Onboard we had – Dean, Gena, Judith, David, Manish, Devyani, Marcus, Maggie, Zhuo Han, Yoi Kong, Joshua, Melvin, Paulyn and Being Yap   This weekend … Read more

Singapore … for diving – no, really! Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper

Diving at Palau Hantu, Singapore. Article by Andrew Taylor from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 3 June 2012–for-diving–no-really-20120531-1zk15.html Copy of the article is listed below:- WEDGED between the Shell oil refinery and three islands used by Singapore’s air force for target practice, Pulau Hantu is not quite the tropical idyll one expects in south-east … Read more