Trip Report 13 May 2014 (Vesak Day)

What an amazing Public Holiday with 3 awesome dives and an all day BBQ.  This Vesak Day Trip even filled in less than an hour, when I promoted it a few days before. The Dolphin Explorer has expanded its operation with the addition of a larger boat called the “Southern Comfort”.  It is not really … Read more

Trip Report 3rd May

Only 2 dives Saturday morning to report on this week, everyone was away enjoying the extra long weekend. We dived Singapore’s Hantu Jetty and the Inner Reef. It was a super low tide when we arrived at 8.45am after departing from our berth at the Royal Singapore Yacht Club (West Coast Ferry Road) at 8am. … Read more

Trip Report 26th and 27th April

Another fantastic weekend with great visibility at the “World Famous” Pulau Hantu, Singapore. On Saturday, we were on the Dolphin Explorer where we dived The Jetty and the reef behind The Jetty. The viz at both locations was over 5 metres. The puffer fish was still at the same place at The Jetty as last … Read more