Trip Report 25 and 26 October 2014

Another great weekend with great visibility in Singapore’s backyard. GS-Diving PADI Instructor Julius was onboard Saturday afternoon with eleven recreational divers and one student. Instructor Julius completed the first two dives of the PADI Open Water Course with Dionne at the World Famous Hantu. I was only on the boat for the second trip on … Read more

Trip Report 22nd October 2014

Wednesday the 22nd October was a Public Holiday in Singapore. GS-Diving completed two trips in local Singapore waters, one in the morning with 2 dives and another in the afternoon with 3 dives and an early dinner. We had 24 recreational divers and 1 snorkeller celebrating Deepavali on this mid week scuba diving trip. As … Read more

Trip Report 11 and 12 October 2014

Another great weekend of local diving in Singapore’s backyard, with turtles, cuttlefish and loads of nudi’s. We dived Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday, we dived both in the morning and in the afternoon. I decided that the best places at Hantu over the weekend were the dive sites located at The Outer Reef and … Read more

Trip Report 3-7 October 2014

When Gary Savins arrived at Changi Airport and handed in his wife’s passport to the check in counter staff, the man smiled and politely asked, “Excuse me sir, what name is this person booked under?” Well, it helped set the weekend’s tone for mayhem, muck diving and mischief. Several Facebook jokes later, Karen had luckily … Read more

Trip Report 4th, 5th and 6th October 2014

With 64 scuba divers, 3 PADI Instructors and 1 PADI Dive Master spread over 5 trips, it sure was a busy weekend of local diving in Singapore.  All whilst I was in the Philippines diving with some regular customers. GS-Diving did morning and afternoon trips over the long weekend at a local dive spot called … Read more