The Revolutionary Rapid Stencil System personalizes Dive Bags, BCD’s, Wet Suits & More!


Makes it FAST & EASY for YOU to put your name on Scuba gear like an expert.  Finally, you don’t have to graffiti your stuff with felt tip markers or messy paint bottles!


Stops Loss and Theft of Scuba Gear.  It’s like an insurance policy for all your scuba gear!



Personalizes and PROTECTS all your scuba gear such as: gear bags, BCD’s, wet/dry suits, booties, hoods, gloves, weight belts/bags, backpacks, luggage, clothing, jackets, masks, tanks, snorkels, fins and much more.  There is enough paint to do dozens of items.


Great Value at SGD20.00

Comes in a kit and includes: one tube of special waterproof paint from your choice of nine vibrant colors (Pacific Blue/Fiji Yellow/Lobster Red/Neon Pink/Treasure Gold/Tropical Green/Neon Orange/Great White White/Glistening Silver), one Fastencil holder, three sheets of 1/2 inch tall plastic coated stencils (more than two alphabets) an applicator and instructions.




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