Nautilus Lifeline

Nautilus Lifeline – Radio GPS for Divers – Depth rated to 425 Feet / 130 Metres

World’s first waterproof, fully-functional VHF marine radio with GPS. 

Waterproof to 130 metres, the Nautilus Lifeline is an ultra compact VHF marine voice radio with GPS that can be operated at the waters surface. Uniquely, the Lifeline can also be carried by scuba divers while diving, therefore always immediately available whenever and where ever the diver surfaces.  It is also suitable for fisherman, sailors, wakeboarders, boaters or just about anyone who enjoys their sport on the water and may find themselves in trouble.


You need never worry about your dive boat finding you again.  The chat button allows you to communicate via voice with any radio set to the VHF channel that you chose. Or pushing the Lifeline Button automatically sends your exact GPS coordinates to all modern marine VHF radios within a range that is typically several miles and under ideal conditions can be up to (19 Km).


19km range • depth rated to 425 ft/130 m • programmable chat/boat VHF channels • flashing locator beacon • DSC-compatible distress alerts • rechargeable battery lasts 24 hours in emergency mode • 2-year warranty



Chat (Green) Button – Pressing the Chat Button on the Nautilus Lifeline will allow you to communicate via voice between your Lifeline and your boat, other divers with a Lifeline, or any VHF radio on the same channel.


Hail + Distress (Orange) Button – Press this button to communicate via voice on VHF Channel 16, the universal hail and distress channel worldwide on EVERY marine radio.


Lifeline (Red) Button – Unlock the safety tab and hold this button for 3 seconds to activate transmission of alert message via VHF Channel 70 (for emergency use only). All modern marine radios within range will automatically switch to channel 16, sound an alarm, flash a light, and display your GPS coordinates. A strobe light will also flash on the Nautilus Lifeline when in DISTRESS MODE to assist with indicating diver position.




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